TriState "The Coffee Break" (Zeds Dead vs DJ Bobby B & DJ Doc Swift)

by TriState

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DJ Bobby B of the KottonMouth Kings along with DJ Doc Swift recruits mulit-talented artist Tristate of Gold Chain Military to deliver a first class lyrical exhibition on the dub step timeless instrumental "Coffee Break" produced by Zeds Dead.


-The great Aretha Franklin salute
-TriState Metalpalms
-Doc Swift, Bobby B
-Dub Massive Mixtape, Let's Go

Aretha Franklin (Sample)

Verse: 1
-Gimme a tall cup with two pumps & loosen the noose up
-I beat nick a dub break doctor the juice up
-Art deco lobby flow Mami let ya body go
-starbucks you got a caramel macchiato glow
-Zeds dead Kottonmouth I'm bout to pull the stocking out
-ski mask style and rob the shop for some sour crout
-(yeah) I need a chill pill something to roll
-a lil refill just another cup of that Joe
-I got a flask & my favorite mug
-Armaretto and some Hazelnut filled
-to the brim I keep it flavored up
-delectable blends fresh roast aroma
-all natural beans picked from soil out in Kona
-match maker mix mocha with a pumpkin Scone
-kick my feet up & lounge with my favorite poems
-I get a craving like I fein for nicotine but I don't smoke them cigarettes
-you know scada mean
-I'm on that Caffeine

Hook: Aretha Franklin (Sample)

Verse 2:
-Splash the Irish Creme French Vanilla decaffeinate
-with the lucious latte Etta I lured on this Coffee break
-slice the coffee cake drizzle the Swiss drip
-my everyday coffee mate Cinnamon twist miss
-Wi Fi surf until the signal was lossed
-I'm taking lil baby sips tryna get thru the froth
-let it cool off before I get heated & pull the tool off
-I'm bout to lay the customers down & pull them jewels off
-hold up take a drink so I don't go nuts
-now back to reality Doc we bout to blow up
-Organic gourmet toffee almond sorbet Bobby cut the wax on the dub tracks now go apes
-dream team three ring regime steelo
-green tea mean machine frappachino
-I get a craving like I fein for nicotine but I don't smoke them cigarettes
-you know scada mean
-I'm on that Caffeine



released March 8, 2012
Prod. by Zeds Dead




Gold Chain Music Sheldahl, Iowa

The Gold Chain Military is a bi-coastal group of verbal assassins. The group consists of members: Planet Asia, Killa Kali, and Turbin (all hailing from Fresno, CA), Killer Ben and Sav Killz (hailing from Brooklyn, NY), Tristate, Montage One and Rogue Venom (natives of Los Angeles, CA). Each of the members in GCM are lyrical giants in their own right ... more

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